RR tackles the textile waste problem in fashion production to make the leftover materials visible and reusable by major brands and buyers globally. We are piloting with H&M, Tesco and 7 major garment suppliers in China and Bangladesh. On one end of the supply chain we are developing software for people in garment production who have had very little experience with e-services. On the other end it’s a tool for fashion brands and production offices, which is a rather sophisticated audience in terms of design and processes. It’s a B2B platform for large corporations, but we approach it with a start-up attitude.

It’s an awesome challenge for an experienced usability designer to bring these two different worlds together in a frictionless communication and cooperation! We need your help to turn our validated minimum viable product into a well-functioning full service!

Although our core team is in Estonia, we already have team members in UK, Spain, Netherlands, Hong Kong and Dhaka. So we work virtually. It’s a wonderful team driven by the goal of turning textile industry circular, globally and fundamentally.

Your role would be:
  • Pinpointing the final users of our software and carrying out interviews to know their daily work processes.
  • Transforming this analysis to a great user experience workflow.
  • Working as a part of the software development team.

What we'd like to see in the candidate:
  • You have experience with global B2B projects, business analysis and/or manufacturing topics.
  • You have an optimistic mindset.
  • You're excited to take on the hurdles of startup life.
  • You like to travel around.
  • You are good with international networking and teamwork.
  • Some bit of front-end development skills would be good.

If you believe you are the right person to take this challenge, you have experience with global B2B projects, business analysis and/or manufacturing topics; you have the optimistic mindset to take all the hurdles of the start-up life and you like to travel around, then send your profile and short motivation letter to by January 15 and let’s have a talk!